Print Embroidery


As part of production, we pride our professionalism in printing the T-shirts. We use high quality Screen Printing or Transfer Printing to achieve the best results for any design or logo. For the past 20 years,we have been producing up to 3,000 Tee shirts daily.

Whether you require a simple mono-color or multiple color print, it is possible. Just send in your artwork and call us to discuss which would be best for you.

Screen Printing

  • Low Cost for High Volume Print.
  • High Initial Cost.

Transfer Printing (Heat Transfer)

  • Suitable for Low Quantity Print.
  • Vivid Colours.
  • The heat press is a machine that imprints logos onto T-shirts by combining high temperatures with a strong pressing function. Heat presses differ widely both in terms of temperature and pressure levels. The Clam Type Press is a traditional style of heat press, which is relatively inexpensive and small, making it suitable for home use. Other types of heat presses include the Swing Press, which offers greater speed and accuracy than the Clam Press; and the Pneumatic Press, which offers more precise levels of heat and pressure control. Pneumatic Presses are usually used by T-shirt printing businesses.


The embroidery process is achieved by “digitized” your logo / design to machines understanding format. This files retain information such as object outlines, embroidery thread colours, original artwork used to stitch the designs. Once this is complete, it will then loaded to the embroidery machines to start stitching.

Embroidery prices are based on the number of embroidery stitches you want to use on your garment.

  • Quality Image.
  • Long Lasting.
  • Multi colours at no additional cost.
  • Costs more than Printing – Expensive for large logos.
  • Embroidery cannot be used where agraduated colour effect is required.
  • Difficult to recreate small text legibly.

Embroidery Thread Colours

Generally, all embroidered using polyester embroidery thread due to its vibrant, rich colours and luxurious finish. Polyester threads are also resistant to chlorine bleach which ensures long-term wear and lasting colour.

We have numerous of thread’s colour for you to choosing and the colours can be matched to the Pantone Matching System® to ensure a great match with existing logos.

Sublimation Printing

Dye sublimation is one of the most advanced t shirt printing methods. This printing method is suitable for more complicated full color pictures however it can only be printed on white colour dri -fit t -shirts. Resulting print has an magnificent soft feel. It is highly recommended for sportswear as it is the most breathable printing method there is to date.
* Good for printing complicated full color pictures
* Low cost for small quantity
* No feel of the printing as ink is embedded into the fabric
– lower color accuracy compared to digital transfer
– only can be printed on white color dri -fit shirts